Spreading God's Word


"A good driver uses the rear-view mirror of the car or truck effectively because it is important to be aware of what is behind.  Every so often, he must glance into the rear-view mirror.  But, if he stares into it too long, he cannot see what is ahead... As we look back, we appreciate those who have been here before us... We can give thanks to God for revealing Himself through the people and events of our past.  But then, we must use what we have learned to propel us into the future... It is [our] prayer that the next chapters of our history will be the most glorious of all, as we strive to be the people of God, who depend daily upon His grace." 

- Former Pastor of Flint Hill Baptist Church Michael B. Winters


Simply put, we believe our purpose at Flint Hill Baptist Church is to "Glorify God and Grow Believers."  Growing believers is a two-fold calling that all believers should be taking part in and our focus at FHBC.  We must fulfill the Great Commission and strive to reach the lost in our families, churches, communities, and abroad.  However, we believe we will never be effective in this mission if we are not also discipling each other and continuing to feed His flock.  We must grow more believers, but also grow as believers.  If we are striving to grow His church through evangelism and discipleship, then we believe we achieving our ultimate goal of glorifying His name.  

As a Southern Baptist church, Flint Hill Baptist Church affirms the Baptist Faith and Message 2000.  



We also participate in the Strawberry Baptist Association family of churches comprised of SBC churches in Bedford County and the surrounding areas.

The strawberry baptist Association

Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team is made up of our Pastor, Deacons, and a Church Council.  

  • Brian Brown  - Pastor

    Originally from Coeburn, VA, just a short drive from the VA/Tennessee border, Brian moved to the Lynchburg area to attend Liberty University for his undergraduate degree as well as his Master of Divinity.  While working on his MDIV, he was blessed to serve as Associate Pastor of Quaker Baptist Church (SBC) in Bedford, VA where he was ordained. He has also been working for Liberty University since 2012. This is where he met his wife, Katie, who he married in 2015. In his spare time, he enjoys golfing, bowling, playing disc golf, and spending time with friends, family, and their golden retriever puppy.